Our Vision

Short Term: Enabling the re-usability of satellites 

Currently 70% of the working satellites are de-orbited after mission objectives are achieved. Additionally, 50% of the academic satellites results in failure. Both these adds to space debris. A common solution to all these challenges are enabling re-usability of satellites. Out of many challenges for enabling re-usability of satellites, Celestial is targeting the core challenge which is reconfigurable communication system supported by multi-frequency antenna systems. Both these products will enable satellite missions to attempt secondary missions thus reducing development, testing and launch cost. Furthermore, new business opportunities such as satellite licensing, joint satellite development etc. will be find suitable market support.

Long Term: Lunar communication relay constellation

Celestial aims to enable cis-lunar communication to support a growing space economy. In the long-term Celestial will offer a communication link service between earth and moon based on a data relay small satellite constellation, thus aligning with strongly increasing lunar exploration and commercial activities. In the short-term Celestial’s products will find applications for satellites in earth orbits as well. This will be in the form of communication and antenna systems. These systems will be deep space-qualified which will make currently unexploited orbits accessible. The products will also find many use cases in non-space industry sectors thus increasing the application potential of Celestial´s core technology.