Mayank, Tushar, and Abhirama are part of my study group on innovation and entrepreneurship at TU Berlin Space Technology - Masters of Space Engineering. They are ambitiously addressing the lack of infrastructure supporting lunar and deep space communication. They did not shy away from addressing this large issue and have developed a simple yet elegant solution concept. I got to know them as very passionate and committed. They are eager to create a sustainable business model around their vision and are making great steps in customer discovery. I’m excited to accompany them in their entrepreneurial journey towards driving the future of data communication in space.
Klaus G. Kammermeier
CEO and Founder, Innovation Labs.Berlin
The Celestial team (Mayank and Johannes Schumacher), I have met for the first time at the ESA Investment Forum in Darmstadt, organised by cesah at the end January 2019. This event aimed at connecting start-ups and investors. At that time, I learned about their goal to enable cis-lunar communication through a Cube-sat based lunar data relay constellation. Since then, we have been in contact through calls, in which I was providing my feedback on the concept. In addition, our paths crossed multiple times at industry relevant events and conferences. The team is committed, coachable, and ambitious! They are not backing down from thinking big and following an ambitious vision, i.e. a long-term and large-scale project of a lunar constellation..
Dr. Frank Zimmermann
Managing Director, cesah GmbH Centrum für Satellitennavigation Hessen
The Celestial team to part in the European Space agency ESA_Lab@CH activity for its 2020 edition organized by the Swiss Space Center (www.spacecenter.ch/igluna/). Celestial was one of this year most promising project, by showing all the technical skills and the social abilities to grow as a profitable startup. We hope to see them enter the Swiss Space Ecosystem soon with their product.
Gaetan Petit, PhD
Scientific advisor, Swiss Space Center
"Trustful, proactive, dreamers and work-working people. Celestial is what the new era of space communications was looking for."
Jesús Manuel Muñoz Tejeda
Space Technology Advisor, Swiss Space Center
"Celestial has been notably proactive in increasing their online visibility through live videos and their new website".
Eva Buchs
Communication Officer, Swiss Space Center