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Our Vision

We have a vision of providing access to space for all. The space industry can expand and accelerate only if the experience is complemented by curiosity. One way to do this is by bridging the gap between lab demonstrations and pilot projects. This is why Celestial wants to promote academic and industrial cooperation. 


CST is a German new-space company whose aim is to bring down the threshold of space missions and provide equal access to space for all.

We are committed to breaking down the barriers to research in space, by developing reliable and affordable systems to enhance the capabilities of small satellites. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of exploration, promoting new talent in the space industry, and developing solutions that work for a range of customers – from space agencies and industry, through to academic institutions.

Interdisciplinary innovation

We are determined to create space educational awareness in today’s students which are tomorrows leaders. We actively collaborate with academic projects and work with students to cross the barriers of human knowledge together into the realm of innovation and improvements.

CST is a privately held company, and our goal is to show that it is possible to build sustainable space business right from the classroom. We want to establish an example to inspire and motivate today’s generations and make them believe that the history is still being written and not finished yet.

Our industrial and academic partnerships help to drive the technological developments of our innovative small satellite products, and collaborate to demonstrate these technologies in orbit.

People do not buy what we build, but people buy why we build it. This is what Celestial is all about. We want to inspire the world from classroom and for that we are working on our story:


CST is a new-space company built on dreams, technology, and will to go on. Our goal is to create a space infrastructure that allows even students to attempt and participate in deep space exploration missions. We want to see academic missions revolving around moon like bees

The basis for the developed technology is a link budget, which is in accordance with the industry standard procedure. This mathematical model is a set of scientific calculations defining characteristics of a communication system. From this model, hardware design requirements can be derived. This will be the basis for the antennae designs, RF front end architecture, and circuit schematics. The related engineering work is proprietary technology and intellectual property of Celestial.
The offered small satellite S-band patch antenna has a high gain and efficiency relative to its form factor. This makes its performance 3 times as good as the baseline performance of most competitors Currently R&D focuses on an optimized antenna design with integrated solar panels. The resulting antenna capable of power-generation will the first of its kind on the market.

Celestial was founded by Mayank, a space engineer with work experience as a stress analyst and a researcher. His co-founder is Johannes, an industrial engineer with work experience in corporate innovation and with multiple start-ups internationally.

Both the Co-founders met in a hackathon “ACT in Space” conducted at TU Berlin. As crazy was the idea, turns out more crazy were the two of the founders to who ventured out on 25th May 2018 with a vision to disrupt space industry from classroom.

Product and Services

Celestial’s high gain, broadband patch antenna, operates under multiple central frequencies and is available for different frequency bands. The patch antenna fits into satellites ranging from 1U CubeSats to big satellites. Current R&D will result in patch antenna with integrated additional functions beyond communication to be available in 2021. The under development highly integrated patch antenna concepts include antenna integrated with satellite systems and sensors. All antenna are capable of withstanding Full-Duplex CCSDS Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) by any off-the-shelf available satellite transceiver system. A custom integration with a very lower power, SDR-based transceiver for remote configuration of the satellite is possible.

Test Demonstration

The X-band antenna is just 34 mm x 34 mm size making it suitable for applications on small satellite platforms such as picosatellites but also powerful enough for bigger satellite mission requirements. The antenna is made of space grade materials and developed using space application approved manufacturing processes. All antenna are capable of withstanding Full-Duplex CCSDS Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) by any off-the-shelf available satellite transceiver system. A custom integration with a very lower power, SDR-based transceiver for remote configuration of the satellite is possible.

Hands on experience is the best way to acquire knowledge. Many educational institutes and industrial organizations organize workshops and training programs for their students and colleagues for better understanding of the projects. The importance of such training is that it helps participants realize their areas of interest. Celestial being a space communication startup entirely comprises students. Celestial has taken the initiative to organize a summer school workshop to nurture and support the interest of students towards space communication.

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